US Market Forum derives from the willingness to create a forum dedicated to the United States.

The goal of US Market Forum is to tell about America through the eyes of the Italians, who established themselves in the most competitor and performing market in the world.

Knowing their experiences, their successes helps to understand which actions, choices, even of life, are relevant for succeeding in USA.

The first edition, occurred in Milan in 2018, provided as protagonists Relators able to give high-qualified opinion about the way Italian companies and professionalities should face up and prepare their entrance or development in North-American market.

Armando Varricchio Italian Ambassador in United States of America

Gaetano Micciche’ Banca Imi President

Stefano Domenicali Automobili Lamborghini Chairman and CEO

Mauro Ferrari Methodist Hospital Research Chairman and CEO

Mauro Porcini Chief Design Officer PepsiCo

US Market Forum, strategically, identifies Italian leader-figures in American market, able to tell and expose the health state of economics and work in USA, relators who gives strongly qualified opinion about the way Italian companies approach their entry and growth in North-American market.

American market is full of opportunities, but also pitfalls.

The ingredients: competence, determination, flexibility, openness are fundamental to make the difference.

Thanks to the 2018 edition, it started a new path, which will continue and implement what previously discussed in the other various editions; a real follow up about a trend theme, the growth and the maintenance of the strategical position in USA for Italian companies.

The forum is aimed to institutions, companies, professionals, trade association, international press and to all young people who today really need a thorough knowledge in United States of America.